Why choose us?

We take care of the entirety

Stoeryd AB offers complete solutions and helping in everything from concept to design, engineering, product development and production. We can also manage the warehousing, distribution and supply of spare parts. Some of the major benefits of letting us take care of the big picture is that the customer has a single contact instead of several, and you can focus on your core business.

A cost effective alternative

With our broad range of different production stages, we are today largely self-sufficient. This provides logistics and flexibility benefits that the customer will in part by lead times and costs are reduced. Letting us take care of the whole is a cost effective option.

Quality, flexibility and customer service

Our guiding principles are quality, flexibility and customer service. This, along with reliable delivery and attractive prices, we believe create a strong customer value. Our business is permeated by a quality approach, with flexible production of short lead times from one-piece to medium series.




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