Competence statement


Stoeryd AB is to constantly improve their ability to be a learning organization, where activities are developed against objectives. This will be achieved through systematic efforts to strengthen the human and organizational skills.


Stoeryd AB defines the concept of competence as "the ability to solve different tasks". Important building blocks of this ability is the knowledge, skills, experience, networks and the like.
With the skills we mean measures designed to maintain and enhance our ability to solve tasks in an effective manner. It includes both the further development within the framework of the relevant duties, as well as the development of entirely new skills.
Stoeryd AB's ability to satisfy users and customers needs depends on the individual employee's individual skills and their ability to work together to solve problems.
An important resource consists of the company's organizational skills, ie, the skills that are built into the system, work procedures and tools, etc.

Competence planning

The activities must be planned for both learning and production. We must plan and develop our skills to meet new demands from outside. It is the supervisor's job to create good conditions for learning and skills but each one is expected to take responsibility for developing their skills and also to share their knowledge and experiences.
We will constantly improve and document our systems, tools, and our way of working. This way we can transfer human skills to organizational excellence.
While this is a step in the transfer of expertise, so we increase security in the processes.
We must all help to create a favorable learning environment because it is the foundation for skills development. The largest part of competence development takes place in daily work. Managers and employees will facilitate and influence the learning towards goals that are in line with Stoeryd AB's vision and business plans.

Skills planning is an integral part of business planning and is based on the company's vision and goals. It consists mainly of: annual inventory and analysis of existing skills, identify skills gaps and action plans for succession. Arising skill requirements are evaluated on the primary can be utilized with existing staff.
The plans must constantly be reviewed if there are changes that require it. The planning process runs in parallel on different levels of the organization.

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