The purpose of a gender equality policy is to increase the understanding of ethnic, female and male behavior and create a work environment where mutual respect is seen as natural

Working conditions

The company will, within available resources utilized frames, organizing work and tasks in such a way that the working conditions are suitable for both women and men. This allows a more even gender distribution made possible in the company.
All company employees are given equal opportunity for promotion, development and education. The working climate within the company should be such that it naturally promotes cooperation between men and women.
The company will provide both women and men opportunities to combine employment with parenthood.


At both internal and external recruitment of staff the company must work to ensure that vacant positions of both women and men, irrespective of ethnic background.

When a department or profession is gender parity the company should upon recruitment encourage the underrepresented sex to apply for open positions and thus ensure that the proportion of employees of that sex gradually increases in the company. As a prerequisite to prioritize the underrepresented sex at appointments comes to the qualifications and suitability is assessed as equivalent.

Terms of employment

Women and men for whom there are equivalent qualifications and duties there should apply equally terms of employment. The principle of individual salaries in the enterprise do not change with this application.


The work of the company will be managed and allocated in a way that does not lead to an employee is treated unfavorably compared to workers of the opposite sex.
Upon the appointment of the managerial duties to qualifications and competences to be crucial especially gender. Equal opportunities should apply to both women and men to seek and receive services advertised.

Personal training and development

At training and development the ambition of the company is that equal opportunity applies to both men and women. For participation in courses and continuing education should, in addition to personal attributes and tasks, the need for a better gender balance into account.


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