Working environment


Stoeryd AB shall be a workplace marked by respect for and trust in the individual as well as being safe and stimulating for employees. The overall objective of the company's work environment is to comfortably meet legal requirements. Work environment management systems provide for a positive working environment and a good working environment. The work will build on the confidence of individual and done in collaboration between employers and employees. Effective information will give everyone the opportunity to participate in the company's development and feel that the work environment is stimulating and creative. Stoeryd AB's work environment based on a holistic and is an integral part of all business planning and should take place as close to the business as possible. The staff's working environment and job satisfaction are included as a natural part of the company's work environment.

How do we achieve a good work

Working environment means everything that we are influenced by our work: premises, equipment, furnishings, machinery, chemical products, methods and organization of work and the cooperation and human contacts that work provides and requires. This means that every business decision has a working consistency and a good working environment is a common concern for Stoeryd AB's management and employees.


The company's ambition of leadership and organization is that employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their work and their work situation. Open daily communication and close cooperation is a prerequisite for the commitment of staff. By highlighting safety issues in the management review, at staff meetings and performance reviews, additional commitment is created.


The requirements for a good working environment is ensured by integrating safety into the normal planning and monitoring process. OSH should be a natural part of daily operations.


The CEO has ultimate responsibility for the company's work environment. The CEO's responsibility is to comprehensively plan, manage and monitor the company's work environment. By delegation of tasks and powers, clarifying responsibilities in OSH. First men have delegated work environment responsibilities for their respective departments. Employees should demonstrate personal responsibility for the work environment by following the instructions, rules and procedures as well as recognize and report incidents, risks and threats to a healthy work environment.

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