Business policy

Stoeryd will offer products and services that meet the customer’s needs and expectations within the field of technology that the company operates its business in. Our aim is always to deliver this with 100% right quality and the industry’s highest delivery reliability.
Stoeryd will actively and with encouragement to the staff proposal make a systematic work for continuous improvement in quality, environment and work environment as well as being a safe and equal workplace with good friendship. We must choose safe and efficient processes that are gentle to the environment, consider significant environmental aspects and other requirements of interests as well as comply with applicable legislation.

Employees at Stoeryd must have the appropriate competence. Based on continuous improvements, the company’s overall competence development and management’s management, processes and production streamline sustainable economic development.

Stoeryd is a socially responsible company that respects all individuals’ rights. This is ensured by our code of conduct. Laws, rules and the company’s other policies must always be followed by staff at Stoeryd.

Employees at Stoeryd shall have access to occupational health services, support for health care activities and equal opportunities for development within their respective areas of activity.

Our customers, suppliers and partners are expected to comply with our core business principles and values ​​that prevent hazardous work environment, discrimination and exploitation of minors and meet minimum environmental impact, human rights, staff’s right to organize union and regulated working hours.


Working environment

Stoeryd AB shall be a workplace marked by respect for and trust in the individual as well as being safe and stimulating for employees. The overall objective of the company’s work environment is to comfortably meet legal requirements. Work environment management systems provide for a positive working environment and a good working environment. The work will build on the confidence of individual and done in collaboration between employers and employees. Effective information will give everyone the opportunity to participate in the company’s development and feel that the work environment is stimulating and creative. Stoeryd AB’s work environment based on a holistic and is an integral part of all business planning and should take place as close to the business as possible. The staff’s working environment and job satisfaction are included as a natural part of the company’s work environment.

How do we achieve a good work
Working environment means everything that we are influenced by our work: premises, equipment, furnishings, machinery, chemical products, methods and organization of work and the cooperation and human contacts that work provides and requires. This means that every business decision has a working consistency, and a good working environment is a common concern for Stoeryd AB’s management and employees.

The company’s ambition of leadership and organization is that employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their work and their work situation. Open daily communication and close cooperation is a prerequisite for the commitment of staff. By highlighting safety issues in the management review, at staff meetings and performance reviews, additional commitment is created.



The purpose of a gender equality policy is to increase the understanding of ethnic, female and male behavior and create a work environment where mutual respect is seen as natural.

Working conditions
The company will, within available resources utilized frames, organizing work and tasks in such a way that the working conditions are suitable for both women and men. This allows a more even gender distribution made possible in the company.
All company employees are given equal opportunity for promotion, development and education. The working climate within the company should be such that it naturally promotes cooperation between men and women.
The company will provide both women and men opportunities to combine employment with parenthood.

At both internal and external recruitment of staff the company must work to ensure that vacant positions of both women and men, irrespective of ethnic background.
When a department or profession is gender parity the company should upon recruitment encourage the underrepresented sex to apply for open positions and thus ensure that the proportion of employees of that sex gradually increases in the company. As a prerequisite to prioritize the underrepresented sex at appointments comes to the qualifications and suitability is assessed as equivalent.

Terms of employment
Women and men for whom there are equivalent qualifications and duties there should apply equally terms of employment. The principle of individual salaries in the enterprise do not change with this application.

The work of the company will be managed and allocated in a way that does not lead to an employee is treated unfavorably compared to workers of the opposite sex.
Upon the appointment of the managerial duties to qualifications and competences to be crucial especially gender. Equal opportunities should apply to both women and men to seek and receive services advertised.

Personal training and development
At training and development, the ambition of the company is that equal opportunity applies to both men and women. For participation in courses and continuing education should, in addition to personal attributes and tasks, the need for a better gender balance into account.

Future leadership training must include gender equality and attitudes to gender equality as part of it.


Competence statement

Stoeryd AB is to constantly improve their ability to be a learning organization, where activities are developed against objectives. This will be achieved through systematic efforts to strengthen the human and organizational skills.

Stoeryd AB defines the concept of competence as “the ability to solve different tasks”. Important building blocks of this ability is the knowledge, skills, experience, networks and the like.
With the skills we mean measures designed to maintain and enhance our ability to solve tasks in an effective manner. It includes both the further development within the framework of the relevant duties, as well as the development of entirely new skills.

Stoeryd AB’s ability to satisfy users and customers’ needs depends on the individual employee’s individual skills and their ability to work together to solve problems.