Our network of subcontractors guarantees clear cost-saving benefits

We assemble a large variety of products. As a result, we have built up a very extensive subcontractor network both nationally and internationally. On an international level, our subcontractors are mainly to be found in Western and Eastern Europe, but we also have long-term relationships with subcontractors in both North America and Eastern Asia. We also use this network when our customers want to minimize the number of suppliers involved. This simplifies work processes and provides time-saving benefits.

… As well as reducing environmental impact.

This often results in benefits such as reduced environmental impact, as the number of long-distance transports is reduced somewhat through combined load deliveries.

Our robust and active network of subcontractors provides our customers significant cost-savings, as it makes it easy for us to find the most cost-effective production solutions.

We want to emphasize that we do not act as a traditional trading company that makes purchases from the cheapest supplier on any given day. Rather, we focus on the big picture and have a long-term approach to total costs.