Laser cutting

of sheet metal, tubes and open profiles

Laser cutting is a technology that has a number of benefits. Precision, high quality cutting and speed provide great flexibility. Thanks to fiber laser technology and robotic picking of parts from sheet metal, the technology we use is suitable for both small and very large series. At Stoeryd, we have extensive experience and well-documented specialist knowledge in this field of technology.

Laser cutting gives designers great freedom when choosing materials and designing products. Since we base our cutting on CAD files, changes can be carried out rapidly, and if a section needs to be bent, the entire process is integrated with our press brakes. Our laser cutting uses advanced software which streamlines administration and minimizes material waste.

Flat bed laser cutting

We provide fully automated fibre laser cutting of metal sheets for small or large series. Our most effective machine is a 10 kW fiber laser with a robot that picks contours from the cutting table to the pallet. This fiber laser machine is much faster than a traditional machine and is also significantly more energy-efficient.

We laser-cut steel sheet of material thicknesses from 0.50 mm up to 25 mm and our tables are 3,000 x 1,500 mm. When it comes to thicker materials, we use Beam Shaper technology to guarantee the best possible results.

Tube laser cutting

Our tube laser cutting machine with automatic loading was installed autumn year 2023. In this machine with fibre laser technology we make advanced cut out of round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, elliptical tubes and even open profiles

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Example of shapes

The technically advanced 14 meter long machine eliminates the need for time-consuming drilling, sawing, milling, or punching of tubes. The high laser power and the optimized cutting process allows fast, fully automated and precise cutting.

For metal tubes we can process the full bandwidth, from 10 to 130 mm.

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