Our efficient production and logistics solutions make us a part of your total solution

Increasingly often, our customers demand solutions where we take care of the entire supply chain. The solution can even include taking responsibility for part of aftermarketing processes, thanks to our warehousing, distribution, maintenance servicing capacity and access to spare parts. Some of the great benefits of letting us provide a total solution for you is that you, as our customer, only need to have one contact point instead of several and can focus on your core business. Read about how our total solutions create customer value.

Contract production

We process or produce parts of products for our customers. For example, parts for warehouse trucks, automated warehouses, robots, medical equipment, buildings, vehicles, garden equipment, furniture, urban environments, protective caging, industrial entrances and shop fittings.

Logistics solutions

We have the capacity to stock items and products in our warehouse and take care of our customers’ distribution processes.


Our logistics flow helps reduce costs

Our well-planned logistics flow and transport coordination allow us to keep costs down, thereby creating customer value.

  • In cases where we perform surface finishing externally, our transports run on an almost daily basis, which means that we can coordinate deliveries and keep transport costs down.
  • Buying raw materials in bulk results in more competitive prices for our customers.