We use robot-assisted press brakes and automatic pressing, which provides high productivity in large series. Our modern machines and long experience in bending enable us to handle complicated assignments with high quality and precision. We offer tailor-made solutions for different industries and needs. 

Press brakes

We use modern press brake machines where the tasks are programmed and simulated before actual execution. This allows us to carefully control the process which results in a more efficient workflow. We use a fast robot-assisted 80-ton press brake and two press brakes of up to 320 tons for work in thicker materials.

We also have automatic pressing and eccentric pressing in our workshop.

Pipe bending

After having produced bent pipe parts for many years, we have built up a great deal of experience and knowledge in the field. Our production of bent pipes includes everything from small, thin-walled precision pipes to slightly coarser, round, square, rectangular and flat-oval hole profile cuts. We use a variety of different tools for different dimensions with different radii epicentres. Our pipe bending machines can also produce and bend shaft materials and other special profiles.


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