Advanced welding

Our production methods often reduce the number of steps in robot welding. Post-processing is seldom necessary – not even for the strictest demands. We manufacture our own welding fixtures. We do so efficiently and with well-developed methods to achieve the lowest possible costs as well as efficient production.

We are certified according to ISO 3834-2 quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

Feel free to challange our expertise when it comes to advanced welding.

Robotic welding

Our large investments in robot welding mean that we have automated most of the welding processes, thereby ensuring a more cost-effective production flow. These speeds are faster than manual welding and the process is quality assured through an even and repeated welding bead.

We use modern ABB welding robots and positioners with all axles fully coordinated with the robot during operation and use the same drive system. The robot welding software automatically compensates for gravity, inertia and friction to provide fast movements and correct tracking of each unique welding program. We only use twin station solutions are used which means the robot works on one side and the operator loads and unloads on the other side.

Our largest positioner is able to robot-weld items that are up to 4 meters long. This means that welding tasks that require several steps become more efficient since there is plenty of space for several welding fixtures. When robot welding in difficult-to-reach situations or on multi-level surfaces, we use positioners that rotate on three axles.

Manual welding

We have a number of manual welding stations operated by highly skilled and certified welders. Based in our long experience and broad expertise, we are happy to assist our customers with our knowledge in the field. 

Contact us to find out more about our manual and robot welding services, both for a few parts or large serial production.

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Stoeryd’s automated robot welding reduces the number of steps and post-processing is seldom necessary. I would be happy to know more about it. Please contact me!