Most of the products or subsystems we assemble have very high quality and safety standards that we have to live up to at each step of the process. Among other things, we are required to comply with medical technology standards, construction industry standards, machine directives, product certifications and a number of different ISO and EN standards. Our expertise in these areas guarantees that our customers receive first-class mechanics.

Our assembly lines produce a large amount of medical technology equipment. These products often have advanced technical designs and electronics. We also assemble precision engineering products as well as more robust products that are used in industrial and urban environments. Our processes are adapted to match our customers’ requirements and we can provide tailored solutions for different technical situations, as well as carry out final tests. We also assemble and package spare parts and produce other smaller series and prototypes.

A growing trend is that we assemble a subsystem or modules of the end product. For example, assembling and joining laminated safety glass. This allows us to reduce the number of suppliers to our customers, secure procedures in the subsystem or take over assembly processes which differ significantly from our customers’ regular production.


Our department that assembles, among other things, circuit boards are ESD-secured in areas that are EPA compliant. The products that are assembled here are market-ready medical technology products.


We also perform after-market repairs and can provide regular maintenance servicing of our customers’ products. We are able to store and distribute spare parts from our warehouse directly to the end-user.

Contact us to find out more about our assembly services and how we can help you to achieve more efficient production or total completion of a completely new product. We can help you save on costs thanks to significantly smaller inventories and faster TTM – time to market.

Assembly with high demands on quality and safety? I would like to know more!

Regardless of which industry you work in, Stoeryd can be a part of it by offering assembly of subsystems, final assembly or module assembly. I would be happy to know more about it. Please contact me!