Surface treatment

Our powder coating plant is one of the most modern plants in Sweden. Very rapid colour changes and documented low consumption of powder result in lower costs and environmental benefits. Detailed control of all parts of the process results in an even, high-quality finish across the entire surface. Using an extra robot provides even finishes even on very difficult-to-reach surfaces.

Surface finishing is an important part of our production process. Many of our products are finished with powder coating, and since this technology is available to us in-house, this gives us a shorter lead time and allows us to quality-assure the finished item to meet specific surface finish requirements.

Our modern and fully automated finishing plant is highly efficient and requires a very short set-up time for colour changes. Our powder coating technology is environmentally friendly, inexpensive and protects metal products from rust and wear. No solvents are used during application and almost all of the powder that might miss the item is collected and recycled automatically.

First, oxide and residues such as dirt, oil and shavings are carefully removed from the metal surface. In the process, the surface also receives a pre-treatment protective Oxsilan® coating against rust. The powder coating is applied in the second step and is fastened to the surface by exposing the powder to an electrical charge, making it static. After the application, which is carried out using robots and carefully-controlled dosing, the surface finish is then hardened in our new energy-efficient oven and, in the final step, inspected and packed in protective packaging.

Compared to wet paint finishes, powder-coating results in less spillage and a better finish on corners and edges, regardless of the position of the item while suspended during the procedure. It is also possible to apply a thicker layer.

Contracted coating services

We have built up our knowledge and experience over more than 20 years and we are proud that our surface finishes have a very good reputation. Thanks to the highly efficient processes we have implemented, we now have the opportunity to offer contracted coating services.

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Surface treatment with powder coating that provides lower costs and provides good environmental benefits? I would like to know more!

Stoeryd’s fully automated powder coating plant provides a high quality and even result over the entire surface. I would be happy to know more about it. Please contact me!