Business policy

Stoeryd will offer products and services that meet the customer's needs and expectations within the field of technology that the company operates its business in. Our aim is always to deliver this with 100% right quality and the industry's highest delivery reliability.

Stoeryd will actively and with encouragement to the staff proposal make a systematic work for continuous improvement in quality, environment and work environment as well as being a safe and equal workplace with good friendship. We must choose safe and efficient processes that are gentle to the environment, take into account significant environmental aspects and other requirements of interests as well as comply with applicable legislation.

Employees at Stoeryd must have the appropriate competence. Based on continuous improvements, the company's overall competence development and management's management, processes and production streamline sustainable economic development.

Stoeryd is a socially responsible company that respects all individuals' rights. This is ensured by our code of conduct. Laws, rules and the company's other policies must always be followed by staff at Stoeryd.

Employees at Stoeryd shall have access to occupational health services, support for health care activities and equal opportunities for development within their respective areas of activity.

Our customers, suppliers and partners are expected to comply with our core business principles and values ​​that prevent hazardous work environment, discrimination and exploitation of minors and meet minimum environmental impact, human rights, staff's right to organize union and regulated working hours.



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